For Safer Driving, Consumer Reports Suggests Simplified Device Interfaces

Consumer Reports recently conducted a survey of 622 licensed drivers from around the U.S. to determine the impact of distractions on driving. Some results included the following: 41% use hands to send a text. 37% use hands to play music…

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Google Play Features Drivemode and Our Drivers Show Us Some Love

This week we are thrilled to share that Google has featured Drivemode in the Google Play store. You can find us in their “New and Updated” category and we’ve even been spotted in the “Trending” category. Our newest update brings full…

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Drivemode Gets NY Times Mention

Finding a tech solution to driving and texting is an ongoing concern for many drivers. In a recent article in the New York Times, “Eyes on the Road, Not on the Phone,” Drivemode got a shout out as an option…

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