Police Are Getting Creative To Catch Distracted Drivers

By implementing new laws, fines, and even nomenclature, states continue to crack down on texting while driving. But in Georgia, police officers are trying something new to deter drivers from picking up their phones for anything but calls. In what…

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Drivemode Weighs In On Vermont’s Speeding Problem

In a recent article for the Burlington Free Press, Lt. John Flannigan, Commander of Vermont’s state police safety program was very direct regarding Vermont drivers: “We have a speeding problem.” After a decline in citations for speeding offenses from 2012-2014,…

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Drivemode Safe Driving App
Google Play Featuring: Safer Holiday Driving With Drivemode

As part of their holiday featuring tradition, Google Play is currently showcasing Drivemode as a valuable app for this time of year. Driving to see friends and family is always part of the holidays, so we’ve added delightful winter-inspired features throughout…

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Survey Shows How Work-Related Distractions Impact Drivers

Has your boss ever contacted you while they knew you were on the road, either on your way to work or on your way home? Harris Poll on behalf of Travelers recently conducted a survey among 1,146 employed US drivers (18+), to…

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