Prevent A DUI With Drivemode 

This summer, Washington began enacting a state law that expanded upon their existing distracted driving legislation. Drivers were already forbidden from holding a phone to their ear or texting while driving, but the new law banned holding a phone for…

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A Smarter Infotainment System For Millennial Drivers: Their Phones

An oft-cited Autotrader study states that more than 70% of millennial drivers claim technology and infotainment systems are “must haves” when buying a car. Considering these drivers will be 40% of the new car market by 2020, such tech features…

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Auto Tech Updates: Smart Billboards and Citizen Reporting

From startups to advertising, developments in the auto tech space are constantly adapting to consumer trends, new legislation, and technology advancements. Citizen reporting of traffic violations and smart billboards targeting drivers based on car model are two newsworthy updates. 

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