Police Are Getting Creative To Catch Distracted Drivers

By implementing new laws, fines, and even nomenclature, states continue to crack down on texting while driving. But in Georgia, police officers are trying something new to deter drivers from picking up their phones for anything but calls.

In what could be considered a creative undercover campaign, Gainesville, GA police officers are suiting up in new uniforms as construction workers, posted near stop lights and intersections. Unsuspecting drivers don’t know that these men and women in hardhats and reflective vests are in fact wearing body cameras and are relaying traffic violations to a unit further down the road. The new method is proving to be very successful for law enforcement, with one report showing 45 citations in 90 minutes. It’s possible that such creative tactics could be adopted more universally.

In the battle against distracted driving, police are using new technologies as well as new “uniforms.” In February, we wrote about the Textalyzer, which provides information to law enforcement about which apps were open on a phone and how the phone was tapped just before an accident. State governments currently considering using Textalyzers include New York, Tennessee, New Jersey and Chicago.

It’s clear that law enforcement will get more creative and use more technology to catch distracted drivers. But drivers also have tools to help keep everyone safer on the road and proactively reduce distractions for themselves. With Drivemode, drivers in any vehicle can use a hands-free automotive-grade interface to access messages, music, navigation, and more. Plus, it’s specifically designed and developed to adhere to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration safety guidelines for driving apps. Looking for more ways to reduce driving distractions? Our gift list for commuters will give you even more ideas.