The simpler way to use your phone while driving

With a simplified interface, easy-to-use voice commands, and large buttons, Drivemode is a driving app designed with safety in mind so you can stay focused on the road. Now available for download on Android.

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Your phone & car, now in harmony.

Have you ever received a Facebook Message, but couldn’t respond because you were behind the wheel? Or wanted to change music tracks, but couldn’t without juggling around Spotify and Google Maps? Now with Drivemode, you won’t have to worry about any of these problems with our easy-to-use interface made specifically for your car.

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Voice-Reply to Messages

Voice-Reply to Messages

Reply to your friends messages using hands free voice, no matter which app they use!

Easy-to-Use Music Player

Easy-to-Use Music Player

Easily control your favorite music without needing to juggle between multiple apps.

Quick-Search Navigation

Quick-Search Navigation

With easy taps and voice-search, start navigating in seconds.

Connects to Bluetooth

Connects to Bluetooth

Drivemode is bluetooth ready so all your music, navigation, and communication works in your car.

Smart Recommendations

Smart Recommendations

Drivemode remembers the choices you make to best recommend a place to visit or person to call.

Personalized Shortcuts

Personalized Shortcuts

A dashboard of simple cards present relevant actions so you can get things done faster.

All your apps, seamlessly integrated.

Unlike other driving interfaces that force you to use certain apps you don’t even like, Drivemode allows you to connect all your favorites without any problems!

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“Drivemode: It’s one of the most popular apps for use in cars on Google Play, with over one million app downloads...”

Business Insider

“Drivemode is bringing cars built during the flip phone years up to speed with the smartphone age...”


“Drivemode is an interface that minimizes distractions so the driver can keep their eyes on the road...”

More than just an app.

Drivemode believes that everyone should benefit from the latest car technology, not just those who can afford expensive new cars. With the power of design and technology, we’re making our roads a safer place for everybody. Please join the movement to change the way we drive.

Change the way you drive today.

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