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Designed to use without looking.

What if your phone was so simple, you could use it without even looking? Drivemode gives you a gigantic menu with voice guidance so you can keep your eyes on the road.


Bright colors, sounds, and vibrations give you powerful guidance, ensuring it works perfectly out of the corner of your eye.

Everything you need

  • Control your favorite music apps with simple tap and swipe.

  • Don’t lose navigation whether you make or receive a call.

  • Don’t type, because you can’t. Record your voice and we will take care of the rest.

  • You build your own in-car experience. Just star your favorite apps.

  • We suggest where to go using your driving pattern, calendar events, recent texts with address.

The right recommendations at the right time.

Drivemode is like a concierge and driving co-pilot for your phone rolled into one. It learns your preferences so it can anticipate what you want, when you want, for the apps you love most.

Automotive grade interface.

We're doing our best to meet or exceed the same safety guidelines used by automakers so your phone transforms into an automotive grade device.

We believe that since your phone already does everything the in-car systems do (navigation, music, calling), it deserves the right interface for drivers as well.

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Drivemode is Free.

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